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Start-Up and Emerging Businesses, New Businesses, Small and Medium Size Businesses -- Do you know what happens when you don't advertise? ……………….NOTHING!


We at My Growth Consultants know there is no "one size fits all" marketing plan for business. It is our greatest desire to meet and consult with you to find an individual marketing plan that would best suit your business needs. Below are some of the things we do know:

1) In the fast-paced world of today there is an accelerated trend where approximately 63% of consumers and small business owners use the Web to search for information about local companies. A whopping 82% of these are using search engines to find local businesses. Yet, there a disparity in the way a small business owner acts as a consumer compared to marketing their business online.

2) Most emerging and small businesses have no idea what it cost for them to get a new customer or retain an existing customer. What they do know and think is that advertising to retain or create new business is usually taxing on their budget.

3) Most emerging and small business owners have to "wear so many hats" while operating their businesses that they do not always have the time or the resources to keep marketing and growth in their daily routine.

4) There are many businesses looking to do business with emerging and small businesses; but finding a reliable and trust worthy source to partner with is sometimes an overwhelming feat.

5) In today's world most businesses want instant gratification from their advertising medium. Not all mediums of advertising exhibit the same response time, and the high expectations of business owners are rarely met.

6) Small businesses want cost-effective solutions that help them solve problems or avoid mistakes, while making their job easier and more manageable. A light at the end of the tunnel with dynamic movement to propel their growth with time sensibility and little complication.

The Advertising & Marketing Packages Start With a FREE Consultation

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Are you aware? The cost of printing a one color business card or a full color business card can cost you from .02¢ up to .09¢ per card. When you receive these cards they are still in your hands. Shared direct mailings the size of a business card can be printed in full color and distributed for as low as a penny per ad.

Advertising & Marketing Packages Start With a FREE Consultation

We, at My Growth Consultants, want to make a difference. We take every opportunity to provide you with the tools and services needed to meet the expectations of emerging and small businesses needs for growth and betterment. While our main focus is on local businesses and providing growth to these businesses through the local community, we are still able to provide services outside of this area. Call or E-mail today for your "FREE Consultation".

Three of our core services for emerging and small businesses are Shared Direct Mailings, Text Messaging and Start-Up Website Designs. All of these services can work as a stand alone service to grow your business, or can be combined for a more effective marketing strategy for business betterment. Some of the benefits of these services are listed below:

1. Shared Direct Mailings - saves business money (cost-effective) with sharing the postage for advertising.

2. Text Messaging - the state-of-the-art "act now" form of advertising for growth and instant gratification.

3. Websites designed and built for the 82% of local consumers in your area to find out about your business.

4. Analytics and tools helping provide cost and ROI for finding new customers.

5. 4 FREE ways to advertise your business without spending any money.

6. A Team of loyal partners to help "wear the hats" providing you extra time to running the core of your business.

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