Top Reasons Any Business Should Use Mobile Marketing

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Top Reasons Small Or Any Businesses Should Use Mobile Marketing

* Has Huge Broadcast Reach * Lightning Fast * Quick and Easy * Immediate Impact * Sales Conversions * Wheels On the Go * Consumer's Opt In * A Top Arsenal Tool * Driving Performance * Electronic Leash * Measurable * Mobile Growth Demand * Cost Efficient * Ahead of the Level Playing Field * Simply Put, Mobile is Reaching Out and Growing Businesses on a Daily Basis

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1. Has Huge Broadcast Reach - When the Bell System developed the slogan "Reach Out and Touch Someone" we wonder if they had any idea at that time what type of reaching out Mobile Marketing would do in this day and time. Mobile has the broadest reach -- 4.8 billion versus the Internet at 1.7 billion users.

2. Lightning Fast - That's right -- mobile devices are the fastest way to get in touch with your consumers in real time.

3. Quick & Easy - One of the quickest and easiest ways to promote quick sales and events to clients and customers.

4. Immediate Impact - Mobile Marketing has the highest and fastest read rate: that's a whopping 97% open rate with a 90% read in 15 minutes or less.

5. Sales Conversion - Has a five times better sales conversion rate than online.

6. Wheels On The Go - The only media reach to your clients when they are on the go. Like putting wheels on your marketing.

7. Consumer's Opt In - That's right, with today's economy people are always looking for ways to save money and want to know about coupons, discounts and specials. These customers opt in and ask for your marketing.

8. A Top Arsenal Too – One of the top tools to utilize in your marketing campaign for your business.

9. Driving Performance - That's right Mobile Marketing is one of the most effective tools and out performs E-mail,Direct Mail, and Online Marketing.

10. Electronic Leash - That's right with over 292 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. alone, we find it facinating that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 91% of these subscribers keep their phone within three feet of themselves. These mobile devices are a personal extention of each person.

11. Measurable - Mobile Marketing is easy to measure with one of the highest ROI's available to a business. When you find what's working -- then keep doing whats working.

12. Mobile Growth Demand - Mobile growth is in high demand from your clients and consumers. The U.S. alone had over 292 million subscribers in June of 2010'. Ther are almost five times more mobile devices than computers.

13.Cost Efficient - Mobile marketing reaps many benefits of low cost advertising as well as a relatively low cost to set up.

14. Ahead of The Level Playing Field - Mobile has less media competition which puts your business ahead of your competition as well as ahead in your industries playing field.

15. Simply Put - Mobile is reaching out and growing businesses on a daily basis. Why not grow yours. It's in your control -- when you want instant gratification and response from you clients.


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