Top Reasons Any Business Should Use A Store Front

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Top Reasons Small Or Any Businesses Should Use An Online Storefront

* Cost Effective * Accessibility * Availability With Expanded Business Hours * Online Shopping is Rising in Popularity Daily * Level Playing Field * It's Competitive * Expands Growth * Meets Consumers Expectations * Easily Tracks ROI * Saves Time * Flexible, Portable and Mobile * The World Is Yours * Targets Impulse Buyers * Strong Team Player * Expandable Merchandise Capability * Easy Use and Access * Fastest Growth Factor * Fulfills Consumer Demands * Non Intrusive * Simply Put, Web Storefronts Grow Businesses Opportunities

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1. Cost Effective - Yours Website storefront can establish your presence at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar location. New, Small and Medium size businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and a web storefront is one way to move sales more cost effectively.

2. Accessibility - After your customers find your products or services on your web storefront, this will allow them to contact you easily and quickly with your channel of choice (E-mail, phone, cell, etc.). Customers want to know; who you are, what you have, how can I get it, where can I get it, when can I get it and how much does it cost. That's right - Your Web storefront makes it easy for people to find the products or services they need and information to order at their convenience.

3. Availability With Expanded Business Hours - Your web storefront is accessible and can be viewed by your current and future customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Even when you're sleeping your web storefront can be working for your company. These are busy people, and very often the best time for them to research a service or product is when your doors are closed. Your web storefront is always open.

4. Online Shopping Is Rising In Popularity Daily - Your customers can buy your products and pay for them while sitting at their computers and other devices. It is estimated that it costs 8 times more to sell a product from a shop than from the Internet. Selling online has to be one of the most cost efficient means of running a business. Night or day, you can do business with a client in any part of the world, and his payment can be made directly into your bank account -- Your web storefront has the capability of advertising all over the world. A superb value for the money. Can your business afford to miss out with the rise in this trend?

5. Level Playing Field In Your Industry - Your Web storefront can convey a professional and up-to-date image of your products and services. Prospective customers cannot tell weather you have 100 on staff or none. Presenting your business just as effectively as a multi-million dollar business does. You can now compete with the "big boys".

6. Be Competitive - Your company's competitors are probably already on the internet -- If your competitors have a storefront, they are taking most of your online potential customers from your organization. Your clients and potential clients are already searching online for services and products -- Unlike in the past, nowadays people are using online search engines to find and purchase products and services they want. If your organization doesn't have an online storefront, you may be losing to your competitors.

7. Reach For Growth With Expansion - Your Web storefront can reach your local clients, and then reach even further to a national or worldwide level without any additional cost to you. What do you suppose would happen if you expanded and took your top 10 to 20 products farther than your local market? That's right millions of people have the availability to purchase and do business with your organization.

8. Assumed Consumer Expectations - In todays information age with millions surfing the internet daily, it's a given, your customers expect your business to have a Web storefront. Simply put in the new millennium, your customer expect you to be selling online. When only a few years ago, a Web storefront was a luxury expense, now it is considered a necessity that proves you're a serious business professional.

9. Easy To Track Your Return on Investment - Wasting hard earned dollars is hard on small business owners. You can code your sales to determine the exact # of responses your received from your Web storefront. This allows you too spend your money using what's working best for you. Tweak your Web storefront to increase your sales from the history of other purchases made with you.

10. Time Management - Business owners have busy lives, just as your clients and customers have busy lives. Your Web storefront can be managed any time of day at your convenience. This allows for efficient time management in your life and while running your business. These processed orders can be done full time, part time, just remember it's your time. The greatest thing about it is you decide the time. Allow yourself to earn money while effectively managing your time.

11. Flexible, Portable and Mobile - Most Web storefronts can be done anywhere you like. With today's development in technology, you can practically do any Web storefront with open opportunities anywhere. With Wi-Fi and 4G technology, you can access your storefront from cellphones, notebooks, laptops and tablets. Your Clients have this ability also. Hands down, mobile business at it's best.

12. The World is Yours - Most small businesses in days past were just trying to maintain a "piece of the pie" in their local area. Why limit yourself when the "World is Yours". That's right -- limitations literally go out the window with a Web storefront. Cross the internet bridge to World Wide buyers.

13. Impulse at a Higher Level - If you are already in business with a brick and mortar location -- you realize that impulse buyers lend valuable dollars to your bottom line. Your Web storefront is an open opportunity to impact your bottom line with even more impulse buys.

14. Strong Team Player - Your Website is the stabilized cornerstone of any current or future online marketing campaigns. Your Web storefront is a strong team player and can be a true arsenal of strength and can been seen and felt when using combined vehicles and avenues for customers and clients to purchase from you.

15. Expandable Merchandise Capabilities - When you have a brick and mortar business, sometimes space for merchandise is limited. Your Web storefront can lend more merchandise availability to your customers and clients. Why limit the number of products you have available. This allows you insight to items that are frequently purchased. You may need to add these products to your shelves. Expand your business with more merchandise availability.

16. Easy Use and Access - Your Web storefront allows your clients easy use and access to purchase from you at anytime and from anywhere. Step up or above your competition and make your products and services readily available.

17. Fastest Growth Factor - Shopping on the internet was, in 2010, the largest growth factor in sales and marketing, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. "If you're in business, either on a large scale or a small scale, and you sell and item or service, a Web-based storefront is now practically a requirement.

18. Fulfill Your Customers Demands - With todays technology, many small industries, many craftsmen, sales people and other small industries are taking full advantage of these techniques to make big profits as well as covering large ground in fulfilling the demands of the customers. A Web storefront perfectly suits to the person of small business who doesn't have the complete knowledge of programming related skills as well as working on a computer. Move into today's age and fulfill your customers demands.

19. Non-Intrusive - Your Web storefront is non-intrusive -- it is only shopped when customers are wanting products or services, and only shopped when they want to do the shopping, no sales clerks interrupting them and a well of information about your products and services when your client wants it.

20. Simply Put, Web Storefronts Grow Businesses - It can be informative, available and ready to do business with in the twitch of a finger. According to Pew Research Center about 65 percent of internet users have paid for some kind of purchase online. Why not be flexible, available and open 24/7 for your clients to increase your profits.


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